Dear Esteemed PALPA Members,

اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم

I trust this message finds you all in robust health. I am writing to provide further clarification and reiterate some pivotal points regarding our ongoing efforts to address the pension issue, which we previously communicated.

We wish to underscore that we do not endorse the letter from Captain Hamid Arif, copy of which is attached herewith.

It is imperative to maintain utmost clarity that PIAREA does not represent our collective interests.

We find ourselves in the unique position among PIA employees, as we are the only group not receiving pensions in accordance with Admin Order No. 08/2004, dated 3rd March, 2004, based on our last drawn salary. In contrast, all other employees are enjoying pension benefits as stipulated by the established rules. Our dedicated Executive Committee, in collaboration with CEO PIACL and DFO, continues to exert its utmost efforts to bring about a resolution to this issue.

As we collectively labor towards resolving the pension matter, it is of paramount importance to acknowledge that PALPA cannot assume responsibility for any individual actions undertaken by our members in this regard. This signifies that any autonomous actions or engagements with the management pertaining to the pension issue will not carry the endorsement or support of PALPA.

We have made substantial headway in addressing the anomalies in the pension system through our well-coordinated endeavors, and we are now in close proximity to achieving a positive resolution. However, we must remain vigilant to prevent potential setbacks or complications that could arise from individual interactions with management.

PALPA wishes to emphasize unequivocally that it shall not bear any responsibility for individual actions taken concerning the pension issue. We strongly advise against autonomous dealings with management in this matter, as our collective efforts continue to advance towards a resolution. For guidance or inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to the undersigned or the President of PALPA. Your cooperation is indispensable as we strive together towards a positive outcome for all our members.

Our unwavering commitment remains steadfast in our endeavor to improve the welfare of the pilot community. Your cooperation in this matter is immensely valued and appreciated. We extend our gratitude for your understanding, and let us persist in our collaborative efforts towards achieving a successful resolution.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Narejo