Dear PALPA Members,

اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم

I hope this message finds you well and in high spirits as we continue to navigate the dynamic skies of our profession.

As an essential update for our esteemed membership, it is imperative to bring attention to crucial matters that affect us collectively. This communication aims to apprise you of recent developments on significant issues that demand our attention and united action. Your active participation and informed engagement are vital as we navigate through these important concerns together.

PENSION ISSUE: The PALPA Executive Committee (EC) is actively pursuing the pension case, exploring all avenues for resolution. A comprehensive report, inclusive of recommendations, has been submitted to higher management, led by DFO and Capt. Narejo General Secretary PALPA, the Committee has worked diligently on behalf of pilots. Please refrain from rumors or misinformation; the EC will communicate concrete developments, for queries, contact Capt. Narejo General Secretary, the sole authority on this matter, Capt. (Rtd) Zubair Subhani & Capt. (Rtd) Riffat Saeed, Retired Pilots representatives.

It is important to note that the PALPA Executive Committee does not endorse Capt. Basharat Ali Chaudhry and Capt. Hamid Arif, who have self-proclaimed themselves as President and General Secretary. The Committee clarifies that they will not assume responsibility for any actions taken by members aligning with them. Members choosing to associate with them are solely responsible for their actions.

PRIVATIZATION OF PIACL: In light of the ongoing discussions regarding the privatization of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited (PIACL), the EC is steadfastly monitoring any potential impacts on our members’ privileges, job security, and operational conditions. We are engaged in constructive dialogue with the management to represent our collective interests and strategize accordingly.

PALPA GET-TOGETHER: We are planning a comprehensive assembly for all members to discuss critical issues including the PIACL privatization, pension matters, PODF Trust, and PIAMS updates. This gathering will be especially beneficial for members who were unable to participate in previous SGM or AGM meetings. We will soon announce the details of this event, aiming to foster informed discussions and collaborative solutions.

PODF TRUST:- We have uncovered certain unauthorized alterations to the PALPA-PODF Trust Deed by the current Chairman and Trustees of PODF without the notification to all the members in writing as per rules. The name of the Trust has been changed in highly clandestine manner, followed by assets from PALPA Pilots’ Occupational Disability Fund Trust to Pilots’ Occupational Disability Fund Trust. These revisions were implemented in violation of established regulations, including both the initial Trust Deed and the bylaws of PODF. Astonishingly, neither the President of PALPA (a permanent trustee of PODF), nor the DFO of PIA were made privy to these modifications. This is a matter of utmost concern, and we urge all members to consider this issue with the seriousness it deserves.

Furthermore, since March 2022, the PODF has not fulfilled its obligations regarding cost sharing with PALPA. We regret to inform you that a legal suit has been filed against PALPA by the PODF. Detailed information on these developments will be discussed comprehensively during the upcoming get-together.

In the face of the unprecedented challenges we have encountered over the past three years, your unwavering support and solidarity have been the bedrock of our resilience. The EC remains committed to safeguarding our collective interests and navigating these turbulent times with professionalism and dedication. Let us continue to stand united, steering clear of baseless speculations, as we soar towards our shared goals and aspirations.

Once again, all members are strongly encouraged to attend the PALPA Get-together to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current situation and its potential implications. Your participation will provide a clearer perspective on the matter at hand, ensuring informed decisions moving forward.

With utmost respect and appreciation.

Capt. Ch. Salman Riaz