Dear Members:


In the prevailing circumstances, PALPA Executive Committee feels it a professional obligation to remind crew on following important aspects:

As second wave of COVID has started taking toll and world is reverting back to lockdown and strict safety measures, as frontline professionals, we need to be on guard therefore, following precautions are advised:

a. Wearing of mask must be ensured whenever visiting a public place.
b. Hand hygiene through periodic washing and sanitizing must be ensured.
c. Crew must ensure social distancing at crowded places.
d. No symptoms of flu should be ignored, whenever such symptoms are encountered, COVID test must be conducted.

e. Crew must not fly with any symptoms of cough / Flu/ loss of smell.

f. All state SOPs and company instructions, issued from time to time on COVID 19, must be followed in letters and spirit.
g. When travelling outstations, crew must be extra vigilant and ensure all precautionary measures.

h. Crew must adhere to local instructions when on layover at foreign stations.

Cold weather/Winters pose extra challenge to Flight crew, however, a properly trained and well prepared crew is the best defence against peculiarities of weather.

Following recommended practices are for compliance of crew:
a. Crew must ensure compliance of Operations Manual Part-A, clause 17.2, Chap 18 and Chap 19.
b. Crew must also revisit and ensure compliance of “Aircraft Anti/ De Icing SOP”, where applicable.
c. No approach must be commenced in below minimum conditions, as required by APPROACH BAN philosophy. The same is explained in Operations Manual Part-A, Chapter 17 and Jeppesen.
d. There exists no legal cover for terms such as “ATC observed visibility” and “human RVR”. No approach shall be executed with such vague terms and clearances.

e. Crew must only fly approaches for which they are trained and duly authorized.

f. Crew must always follow PCAA regulations and company SOPs at all times.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Narejo

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