Pia forms committee to find the ‘way forward’

Sep 27, 2013 | News

KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Chairman Muhammad Ali Gardezi has formed a committee to provide recommendation for revenue enhancement and cost cutting with the aim of rejuvenating the ailing airline.

According to a notification, Captain Suhail Baluch has been made the team leader of the newly formed “Way Forward Committee” while First Officer Syed Chakar Ali Shah will be the committee’s secretary.

The committee was formed by the chairman after deliberations over the multifaceted challenges confronting PIA. “The committee would define the plan going forward for PIA.

Our aim is to find solutions to enable PIA to enhance its revenues, cut costs, and improve organizational efficiencies,” said Baluch.

The objectives of the committee include recommending methodologies for effective implementation of the “fly smart” programme, define the contours of the “flight watch” programme and its effective implementation, recommend changes to the current PIA website management, and develop mobile applications to facilitate communication between PIA and its valued customers.

As per rules, the team leader of the committee would have the mandate to co-opt additional members, as and when deemed necessary.

PALPA, the pilots’ association of the airline had recently recommended the implementation of the “fly smart” and “flight watch” programmes, which are aimed at saving billions of rupees by optimising the usage of resources. One of the main aims of the committee is to implement these programmes.

Source: The News International

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