IFALPA has received information of the need to fully assess the potential for risks to flight safety to national civil aircraft owners and operators intending to operate within the airspace under the authority of the Republic of South Sudan.

IFALPA has been made aware of the possible existence of serious risks to the safety of international civil flights operating within the Khartoum Flight Information Region (FIR) over the
territory of South Sudan, below flight level (FL) 245, and arriving at or departing from Juba International Airport (HSSJ).

Information from a variety of sources indicates that there has been a disruption to air traffic services and related supporting services within the above-mentioned airspace without the benefit of adequate contingency arrangements in place. In particular, the lack of suitably qualified air traffic control personnel, the non-promulgation of aeronautical information concerning out-of-service or withdrawn navigation equipment and the necessary mitigation arrangements, coordination irregularities with adjacent area control centres, and inadequate airground communications.

Any flights intending to operate within the Republic of South Sudan need to fully assess the potential for risks to flight safety.