Staff Reporter

“Without any notification upto 25 to 30 percent cuts in gross salaries of the pilots of the national airline is unjustified and will lower the morale of the community which is already under pressure due to stressful working conditions which can potentially compromise flight safety.”
This was stated by the Spokesperson of the Pakistan Airlines Pilots’ Association (PALPA), in a statement issued on Friday. He said that despite the malicious campaign by the PIA management, the cockpit and cabin crew of the airline are at the forefront of the rescue flight operations for weeks now.
“Keeping in mind the current state of emergency, due to the COVID-19 effecting the entire world, only very few airlines are operating passenger flights with PIA being the forerunners.
The Flight crew is risking their lives in being the core factor of the boasted 8 billion profit made by the management,” he added. “This unannounced, unjustified and unilateral heavy deduction in gross salaries is putting unacceptable stress on an already high stress and exceedingly high responsibility job which is acknowledged the world over by psychologists, thus jeopardizing safety,” he said.
“We believe that this is a sort of a punishment for raising our voice regarding the unacceptable safety precautions taken when the COVID special flights were initiated on 4th April 2020,” he added.

Source: Pakistan Observer