Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is moving its head offices, in phases, to Islamabad. Besides this, the PIA management is planning to curtail different expenses incurred under the head of medical facilities given to employees, which the management calls a huge financial burden on the airline’s earnings. The management is also considering to reduce the number of air tickets extended to its employees.

There is another expense head which is a huge burden on the airline’s revenues. There are some government institutions whose employees are given a 50-percent rebate on air tickets if they choose PIA for their work-related travel. On top of this, such tickets come with confirmed seats on all flights. It’ll be pertinent to mention that PIA’s own employees cannot get a confirmed seat. One hopes that the PIA management will reduce this huge financial burden and stop giving rebates.

Abid Mahmud Ansari

Published in The News, December 29, 2020