Dearest Members,

The PALPA Executive Committee is proud of our members who continue operating flights despite the risk to their physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are all strong and resilient because of your commitment to serve the nation in the utmost professional manner that is characteristic of Pilots.

With reference to the extremely disappointing, unlawful, and dehumanizing letter issued by PIACL Management (April 30, 2020) to “De-Recognize” Associations and terminate Working Agreements, our fundamental and constitutional rights as citizens of a sovereign and free nation are being mutilated.

PALPA, registered under the Societies Act in 1954, is a democratically elected body of airline pilots employed in PIA. Its Executive Committee is entrusted with the mandate and responsibility for the welfare of the pilots besides safe guarding the professional interest of the pilot community.

PALPA is also committed to implementing the standards and recommended practices of ICAO and IFALPA. It maintains active liaison, cooperation and consultation with CAA Pakistan, and other international organizations (IFALPA, ITF and ICAO), whose prime interest is aligned with the promotion of a safe aviation environment worldwide.

Despite cooperating fully to ensure operational continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, even putting the health and life of Pilots at risk, PIACL Management accuses PALPA of putting a “stranglehold” on operations. This is not only demoralizing for Pilots, it is also a form of harassment imposing emotional and psychological stress on Pilots already exposing themselves to physical harm.

Such harassment not only compromises the wellbeing of Pilots, it also comprises the safety of crew and passengers, and for all PALPA Members, safety is a non-negotiable.

Thus, PALPA shall continue representing the interests of Pilots and ensuring compliance with all international and domestic safety regulations.

We stand not just for our civil rights, but also for the rights of all professionals living and working honestly in a free society. The PALPA Executive Committee assures our members that we will take all necessary legal measures to protect these rights.

Long live the unity of Pilots.
Long live the right to justice.
Long live human dignity in our beloved country of Pakistan.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Narejo
General Secretary

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