السلام عليكم

There has been a lot of rumour mongering and misinformation being spread by the
“CONNECTED” quarters as to why the PALPA Executive Committee has withdrawn
the waivers and started implementing the various clauses of the Working

The executive committee has been working patiently with the present Flight Operations
Management for the past few months, extending full cooperation to the
management with the hope that it will be reciprocated.

We have written letters, had meetings with the higher and middle
management in order to amicably resolve the pending issues but in vain.

The issues are as follows:-

  • FED imposed on free tickets.
  • Late disbursement of salaries.
  • Pending 06 months outstation allowance, despite a commitment given by the MD & Chairman PIA.
  • Late payments and wrong calculations of refused days off.
  • Non seriousness in calculating blocks off to blocks on payments.
  • Late payments of 70 hours in the case training exceeds 120 days.
  • Non-compliance of Working Agreement to make Committee on Seniority.
  • Long outstanding issue of confirmation of seats on NS-I travel.
  • Non equalization of flying hours resulting in huge disparity of salaries.
  • Non payment of Loss of License Insurance.
  • Pension not paid in time.
  • Grounding/suspending pilot in violation of Atricle-12 (Discipline & Investigation) of PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement 2011-2013.
  • Pilots being utilized to the limit of ANO every month, where as about 75 pilots are non-utilized due to poor training effort, creating an artificial shortage of pilots.

Few months back a time came where the Executive Committee was of the opinion
that the present management was interested in facilitating PALPA in resolving our
legitimate issues, but instead it was trying to create an environment through which at their own sweet convenience they could pick and choose the different clauses of
PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement for implementation. Issuing posting letters
unilaterally to members is one example of the management’s mindset which
were later on withdrawn by PALPA’s interference. Another example is the
70 hours payment in case the training period exceeds 120 days. Previously
the practice was that the Chief Pilot Training use to prepare the list of
such cases and send it to the Finance Department for payments, however a
new method has been introduced where by the DFO took the authority to do the same, resulting in no payments being made in almost 3 months.

Traditionally the management used to practice and implement the clauses of PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement at their convenience, but recently they have started ‘interpreting’ and implementing the clauses only to their advantage. A few examples are the unilateral interpretation of clauses 1.5, 2.17, 5.3.11 & 5.5.6 which have been wrongly interpreted and implemented.

The Executive Committee in its meeting held on 13th May 2015 concluded
that if this practice continues then the Working Agreement will be
interpreted at the behest of the management, specially in light of the DFOs’ wish to allow CONTRACT for B-777 captains only, and also making new rules to run the Flight Operations like airline of the Banana Republic.

Dear members, we all may have a difference of opinion within us, but as always whenever our resolve has been put to the test by the management, we have sailed through with the support of each other and blessings of the Almighty.

The President and the Executive Committee is proud of our members and are certain that this show of unity shall take us to our goals.

GOD Bless you all!

Capt. Amir Hashmi