PIA staff held a March and banners of protest against Mian Mansha and Nawaz Shareef as per the media this government has agreed to sell 26% shares to Mian Mansha Group and part with control of the airline, this is so dramatic and smells foul.

  1. How can you transfer control on 26% ? Or is it fine as he is a friend of Nawaz Shareef and Mansha is a Miah.
  2. PIA needs a Chairman appointing on merit not another Shujat Azim, who has already caused much disturbance and problems the 777 which was stripped of parts to keep the others flying was done on his instructions it looks to me and many PIA employees that behind the scenes this person is still controlling PIA through the MD who is completely useless and is happy to be a YES MAN.
  3. Routes are been cut in favour of Air Blue handling business of PIA is left in limbo to ensure RAS benefits ( Shujat Azim company) Arab carriers slots have been increased in part of a deal in which they must use RAS handling.

Now they expect PIA employees to just do as they are told a complete strategy has been implemented to weaken PIA to ensure the only way is to sell it off and dismiss employees.

Nawaz Sharif requested a report to be given on the 777 and why did it get into the condition it is in now? What has been done? has PM taken action? has Shujat Azim been interviewed as why he instructed the 777 to be stripped?

Who has benefited in the wet lease of aircraft taken by PIA at such excessive costs?
Who has benefited with the engine acquisition?
The dry lease aircraft is the deal done?
Which committee approved the deal? are they professionals
enough in aviation matters to know the rates they have been quoted are industry norms?
Has any of the above information been relayed to the country?

We quickly condemn the actions of PIA employees but we turn a blind eye from the real culprits who are from the outside trying to break PIA up and sell it off to the Mian Mansha who in reality is the front man the real buyers would be Arabs with the Shujat Azim and Nawaz Sharif alliance.

As Mian Mansha does not have the money to purchase or run PIA. The money in the bank which belongs to the investors, which Pakistani investor would want to buy PIA IN ITS CURRENT STATE?

Who has been lined up to buy the real assets? The Hotels?
why is that hidden?

Apart from the Arabs who want to rule aviation in the Muslim world especially Pakistan, there is no takers. OR IS THERE?

The real way to save PIA is appoint a Chairman & CEO on merit and thru the right system as per the selection process the Government had advertised the posts and had constituted a cell in the Cabinet division headed by Shamas Qasim Lakha while Ijaz Nabi and Rauf Ch. senior bureaucrats are its members. This cell will finalise recruitment process of head of the corporations. Sources said that Supreme Court has stopped government to
directly appoint the heads of the corporations rather it would be made through a transparent process. This cell had interviewed and shortlisted 3 individuals who fitted the requirements but only one individual met the requirement of being an Aviation Expert this person is a dual national and a non-political person, has he been interviewed finally? If so has he been selected.

The other two persons 1. was an american who had no corporate aviation experience. the 2nd person was a relative of Abid Sher Ali it has been questioned how this person Mr Arshad Khan ex PTV was even shortlisted. The 3rd one is the right person for the job but does he qualify?

1. he is not related to the Shareefs?
2. He is not a N league member
3. He is a professional in Corporate Aviation
4. He is the only person who is on merit for the job

Now is the real show of Nawaz Shareefe speeches and speeches and N Leagues Manifesto where merit is mention 26 times, does N league recruit or is it this professional like all of us believes privatization is not the way to move forward for PIA.

Rizwan Iqbal
Aviation Advisor Germany