السلام عليكم

This is with reference to the concerns regarding cockpit meals/ domestic hotels raised by some fellow members of PALPA having vested interests as the PALPA elections are just round the corner.

Way Forward Committee (WFC) is working in line with the vision of the incumbent management to take PIA out of the deep waters. As PIA is passing through very turbulent times so many serious actions are being proposed by the WFC.

The Way Forward Committee is an honorary committee formed as per the directives of Chairman PIAC. The members of the committee are volunteers who are devoting their extra time and are committed to make PIA relive the faded glory and roaring to achieve even greater heights of success par excellence. After the formation of WFC the results in terms of savings in lieu of fuel control, catering, spares parts inventory, cabin crew hotel patterns and IT etc are quiet evident that serious efforts are being made towards saving PIA. Seeing the success that WFC has achieved and saved billions of hard earned revenue for PIA, some individuals having vested interest are trying to malign the efforts of WFC. As at present there are several mafias’ rather heckle and jeckle working in PIA who do not want the airline to prosper and just for the personal gains/monetary benefits are even willing to put the National Asset on stake.

The issues in question that is being blown out of proportion for no reason are regarding the Crew Meal i.e. Cockpit Crew Meal in particular and domestic hotels. The very concerned individuals have missed out on the complete information and are creating issues. Meal service for crew was actually not reduced but the meal which was in excess to the consumption of the Cockpit Crew was cut down to eliminate the factor of meal wastage as in this time of crisis even a single penny saved is a penny earned. This access meal was continuously being uplifted in the name of the Cockpit Crew which was never utilized by the Cockpit Crew but was either wasted on flight or was taken by the cleaning staff etc. on arrivals. This issue has resulted in raising an eyebrow that this was being done unintentionally or just to compensate the contractor/meal supplier or the mafia involved. These cheap tactics are being used for personal gains while the WFC is sincerely working and will continue to work for the betterment of the National Flag Carrier.

This is also to clarify that PALPA members working for the WFC will make sure that the Cockpit Crew will not be deprived of any facilities which they are entitled to. In addition to this WFC has even taken the approval from the management to provide Choice of meal to the Cockpit Crew operating the flight and on recommendations of WFC GM Food Services has agreed to offer different menus in this regard. If the Crew wants to have a choice of meal the same can be communicated 10 hours ahead of the scheduled flight to the Food Services department on ‘’ (available 24/7), ‘’ (9 to 5 only). The complete choice of meal menu will be passed to all PALPA members in the upcoming INFO.

Besides the Crew Meal Issue another important concern at hand is related to the Domestic Hotel. As far as the Domestic Hotel issue is concerned in this regard PALPA floated a message to all its members on 19th December, 2013:

“Dear Member, PC LHE is not honouring our patronage and refusing rooms to our members. The domestic hotels agreement issue has been raised with the Flt Ops earlier but to our detriment it was left unaddressed. PALPA will not accept any down gradation of hotels and all crew are within their rights to refuse any downgraded accommodation, violating our WA. INSHALLAH tomorrow we will ask Flt Ops to resolve this serious matter, failing which PALPA will have no choice but to officially refuse slip flights to LHE. Rgds, President“

The above quoted message is self explanatory. PALPA is very clear on the subject and no such down gradation of hotel accommodation will be accepted on domestic slips. The matter was discussed with the Director Flight Operations to resolve the issue on urgent basis. As a result PIA Flight Operations has made temporary arrangements which are at par with our working agreement. If the Flight Operation fails to resolve the Domestic Hotel issue then as a result PALPA will advise its fellow members to refuse any domestic slip flights where hotels are not as per the PALPA agreement. PALPA and its members volunteering for WFC are not only committed towards bringing the airline on the right track but are also focused towards safeguarding the rights of the fellow Pilots.

The WFC is being headed by the President PALPA. Thus the members of PALPA should take pride in the fact that as Pilots being the leaders of the airline are actually working towards saving the bread earner. The efforts made by WFC towards reducing the monthly loss from 3.5 billion to 1.2 billion have been applauded by the PIA Board, Chairman PIAC and at the government level on numerous occasions.

We will be more than happy to see more PALPA members coming and joining hands with the WFC toward saving the National Flag Carrier from the curse of privatization which is just round the corner if serious efforts are not made.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Capt. Suhail Baluch

Enclosed: – Copy of the minute regarding COCKPIT Crew Meals is attached.