Dear Member:-
السلام عليكم

Re-produced below is a letter sent to the Managing Director PIAC, regarding the above stated subject, which is self explanatory.

Ref: PALPA/G/06/15 January 15, 2014

The Managing Director
Pakistan International Airlines,
PIA Head Office,


Dear Sir,

This is with reference to the lack of trust shown by the PIA Management towards the support extended by PALPA and its members towards reviving the faded glory of the National Flag Carrier.

On the direction of the Chairman PIAC, PALPA and other Unions/Associations through WFC volunteered and extended full support to save the National Airline. In this very short time we have proved that we can save the airline but few in the management are working on the agenda to privatize the National Flag Carrier. Rest assured that PALPA and all other unions/associations will not let it happen.

Pakistan International Airlines has acquired four (04) B-737–800 on a two months lease agreement. It was assured to PALPA that the said aircrafts are being taken on damp-lease basis for the said period but actually the aircrafts were taken on wet-lease, details are placed opposite (Flag– A). It was also assured by your kind office, DMD Ops and Director Flight Operations that the Cockpit Crew will be planned on short conversion course in order to fly these aircrafts. A number of meetings were held between Director Flight Operations and PALPA for the transfer plan on damp aircrafts but no positive response has been received till date.

In a letter the Management confirmed that the First Officers on B–747 will be directly placed on B–777 but PIA Flight Operations created hurdles in their promotion and they were planned on A-310 instead. This could have not only resulted in financial savings but would have also streamlined the career progression of junior Pilots. In This regard PALPA and WFC approached the Chairman PIAC who also agreed and approved the proposal submitted.

It was proposed by PALPA to enhance experience of First Officers flying ATR by reviving two co-pilot operations; a practice that was employed earlier to benefit both the Corporation and the young pilots who were being deprived of flying experience due to ill planning. The effort was disbanded earlier but taken up by PALPA and agreed upon by your office and the competent authority. Yet there has been deliberate stonewalling of this process to undermine our role in the welfare of pilots despite the fact that PALPA successfully sought the approval from all quarters including PCAA. The unwillingness of the flight operations resulted in thwarting our efforts to achieve this end amongst a myriad of other unresolved issues.

In addition to this on the recommendation of PALPA/WFC, all departments including the Marketing and Engineering have agreed to utilize the B–747’s that have been sidelined by the Flight Operations for the Hajj, Umrah and Ziaraat related operations.

PIA Flight Operations and Finance Department are not extending any support to PALPA. The arrears and dollar bills of the pilots are not being released and are long overdue; hotels particularly in Lahore and Sialkot have been downgraded. Besides this PALPA was also assured that aircrafts will be taken on Damp-Lease and Wet-Lease will not be exercised. Director Flight Operations has being creating hurdles against damp-lease and so many other things, as a result, four aircrafts were taken on Wet-Lease and once again a tender has been floated on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 (Flag–B & C), for hiring aircrafts till October on Wet-Lease. This clearly shows the trust deficit with the Management and it is evident that PALPA is not being taken into confidence while the major decisions are taken. Aircrafts are being brought in on Wet-lease which is in violation of PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement and is not in the best interest of the airline and PALPA in particular.

A meeting was held on January 14, 2014 in this regard by the Executive Committee. It was decided that due to the non-professional attitude of the Flight Operations Department, the Executive Committee has decided that effective 21st January 2014, no PALPA member will travel supy on any wet-leased aircrafts. No Cockpit Crew will slip in a downgraded hotel which is a clear violation of PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement of which the Flight Operations has done nothing to resolve till date. If required, PALPA through the JACPIAE forum will make sure that no service may be provided to the wet-leased aircrafts.

We will be forced to withdraw all cooperation/support (including all waivers) extended to Flight Operations Department. PALPA has no option but to take these extreme measures in the best interest of its membership and the national flag carrier as the Management has purposefully failed to make good on its commitments.

Yours sincerely,

Capt. Zarak Khan

Copy to:-
• The Chairman – PIAC

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Capt. Zarak Khan