Dear Members,

The salary for May 2018 was disbursed by 5th of June. Unfortunately, upon close examination of the payslips, significant anomalies were observed. The Executive Committee (EC) took prompt action to investigate the deductions and managed in putting a stop to any further deductions.

Last week, on demand of PALPA, DFO arranged a meeting on urgent basis between PALPA & CEO-PIACL along with his team. A presentation was made by PALPA highlighting various anomalies, which have persisted in our salary structure for over two years. We have clearly spelled out our demands in order to resolve these issues.

It is pertinent to mention that previously PIA management made unilateral changes through various Admin Orders against bi-laterally agreed MoUs and the real stance and the version of PALPA in defence of PKR 915 million/Annex-A, Admin Order No. 07/2016 dated 31st May 2016 has never reached important quarters and the corridors of powers, generally termed as the (competent authorities). As a result, the Board of Directors took unilateral decisions in the Board meeting held on 22nd March 2017, which became the basis of release of Admin Order No. 13 dated 28th July 2017.

The outcome of further negotiations between PALPA & PIACL Management Committee shall be presented to the Board of Directors by the higher management PIACL for approval.

I would like to express my gratitude to few PALPA members who came forward in helping the EC in preparing and presenting our point of view.

The President & the Executive Committee would also like to thank Chief Executive Officer/President & Chief of Flight Operations/DFO for arranging the meeting at short notice.

The Executive Committee is fully aware of the apprehensions and anxiety faced by the membership. Rest assured the EC will resolve these anomalies and is standing shoulder to shoulder with the membership on this issue.

Wishing you safe journeys.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Rizwan Gondal