Dear PALPA Member,
السلام عليكم

This is for the benefit of all my junior colleagues who are being mislead through malicious rumouring. I have the ultimate responsibility to answer to my membership and set the record straight so that the concerns and misperceptions of the younger community are dispelled.

PALPA has highlighted the need for immediate promotions which have been stalled by successive flight operation managements, despite continuous reminders and follow ups from your association. We have now decided to aggressively pursue this issue and have carved out a road map for the career progression of our anxious members who must not feel alienated from the association and its efforts on baseless hearsay by those with self motivated interests.

For ATR First Officers’ promotions are of utmost preponderance and we have made our position clear to a very rigid flight operations set up. Till such time that the surplus on this basic equipment is rationalised through promotions which we will ensure continues uninterrupted, a two Co-Pilot operation has been proposed to maximise utilisation of our junior members to provide them some reprieve financially and in terms of experience.

At this time the Executive Committee assures all members that seniority in the process of promotions shall not be undermined and we will NOT allow ourselves to be partial to any group but rather let seniority and merit prevail. PIA Corporate Planning has communicated to PALPA that four (04) 737-800s would be inducted on WET-LEASE by mid of November this year for a period NO LONGER than 02 to 03 months. PALPA strongly opposed the move on the premise that its own members had the first right to fly these aircrafts provided they make the cut. After a long drawn battle with the management, we have finally agreed to utilise our rated members for the equipment on DAMP-LEASE, for that our members will have to obtain the permit of the country from where the above stated B-737-800s are registered.

In line with the narrow body fleet replacement the Corporate Planning has definitively decided to induct the A-320 family of aircraft which are expected to be delivered from May 2014. Once again I would reiterate that PALPA is poised to respect the sanctity of seniority indiscriminately for all. Rest assured all our members would be placed as per their approved seniority list in line with projected requirements.

PIA is going through a transition and we must make concerted efforts to make this change effective and vibrant. We have assured the high ups of our resolve to keep working for the betterment of the airline as long as our legitimate interests are not held in abeyance. I have served my community to the best of my ability and intent and I urge all members to use better judgement and not lend credence to elements whose only aim is to hijack the working of the association for personal gains. I am available at all times to ease your concerns and apprehensions and would appreciate any feedback from you in making our efforts more fruitful.

Attachment: letter sent to DMD (ops) regarding two co-pilot operation on ATR.

Yours sincerely,

Capt. Suhail Baluch

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”
―Winston Churchill