Dear Members,
السلام عليكم

PALPA is fully aware of the current situation and acknowledges that our salaries have not been raised since 2016, despite the Government increasing taxes every year along with the salaries of Government employees, unfortunately, PIA did not raise our salaries accordingly. We want to assure you that we are actively in touch with the Management and are very hopeful to resolve our salary issues soon.

Regarding the recent significant tax deduction in our current salary, it is a tax adjustment for the fiscal year of 2023-2024. As per the procedure, any remaining tax amount for the current fiscal year will be adjusted before June 30, 2024. Additionally, please note that the new tax slabs will be applicable from July 2024.

We need the support of our membership now more than ever. Our strength lies in our unity, and without it, we cannot achieve our goals. It is only through solidarity that we can effectively address our concerns and secure a better future for all members.

Thank you for your continued support.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Narejo