Dear Members,

With the diminishing pilots workforce in PIACL and inevitable increase in flying hours to pilots ratio, it is of utmost importance that we as professionals do not forget the effects of fatigue and stress on our performance.

PALPA is well aware of the compounded effects of meager remuneration versus increased workload. We all agree that no one wants stressed-out pilots on the flight deck and PALPA is working closely with PIACL higher management and the Flight Operations Directorate to create an industry-wide culture that understands and prioritizes fatigue. We are continuously monitoring the effect of increased flying rosters and schedules that are a threat to flight safety and the health of pilots.

Keeping in view the importance of Fatigue Risk Management, all members are urged to strictly adhere to the PCAA and Company rules (OM-A) on this subject to mitigate the probability of safety violations. All members are requested not to violate any rule contained in OM-A and/or ANO-012-FSXX-6.0.

Your cooperation in this regard is necessary for safer flying. We look forward to your continued, unflinching and unequivocal support at all times.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Narejo