Dear Members,
اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم

The incumbent Flight Operations management is violating the FDTLs while preparing monthly rosters of the crew. Rosters are planned with “AVAILABLE”, which has no provision in the PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement 2011-2013 and not planned with normal standby AM/PM coverage, Privilege Leave is not being entertained.

The days off given are also not as per the entitlement of the crew. Two captains operations has become a regular practice, violation of denied rest periods has become a norm. Over and above, Charter Flights with double set crew are on paper planned upto a limit of 18hrs, whereas, all these flights exceed 18hrs.

Because of the above stated blatant violations, the crew is overworked, stressed and fatigued. This is a very alarming situation and within the last one year has resulted in number of safety violations and medical groundings mentioned below

  • Medical Groundings       11
  • Aircraft Accidents            01

This practice of cost cutting while sacrificing safety is sure to have serious implications and PALPA as the Safety Gate Keeper can neither afford nor allow this imminent disastrous trend to continue.

Refer to PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement 2011-2013 clauses, for the definition of Fatigue, Rest Period at Base/Outstation (Domestic/International):-

1.10.     “FATIGUE”

A physiological state of reduced mental or physical performance capabilities resulting from sleep loss or extended wakefulness and/or physical activity that can impair a crew member’s alertness and ability to safely operate an aircraft or perform safety related duties.

3.9.         REST PERIOD AT BASE

The minimum rest at base will be twelve (12) hours or double the flight duty time whichever is more.


For operating Pilots rest at out stations within the country will be double the flight duty time or twelve (12) hours, whichever is more.


For crew slipping within the country after operating an International Flight, or International stations, rest period will be double the flight duty time or twelve (12) hours, whichever is more.

3.15.1.     Duty Roster:

(g)     In case a Pilot is required for operating a flight for which he / she is not rostered, advance notice of at least twelve (12) hours will be given and consent/acknowledgement obtained. A Pilot may refuse the assignment if notice as stated above is not given.

3.15.2.     DAYS-OFF

(a)     All Pilots will be entitled for ten days off, at base each month, free from all duties. Such days will be in periods of twenty four consecutive hours, and these days will be counted after giving double the flight duty time rest or twelve (12) hours rest, whichever is more.

Reference of ANO clause 6.2.4/CAR-1994 of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) clauses 201, 202 & 220 are as under:-

Air Navigation Order No. 6.2.4.

Duty rosters/programmes shall be prepared and published sufficiently in advance to provide flight and cabin crew members the opportunity to plan adequate rest. Consideration should be given to the cumulative effects of undertaking long duty hours interspersed with minimum rest, and of avoiding rosters that result in the serious disruption of an established pattern of working and sleeping. Rosters should cover a period of at least 15 days for scheduled operations and at least 12 hours for non-scheduled operations.

CAR-1994 of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA)
201.        Flight and duty time limitations:-

(1)     The holder of an air operator certificate issued under this Part shall not permit an aircraft to fly unless he has established a scheme, which is approved by the Director-General, for the regulation of flight and duty times for every member of the crew of that aircraft, and shall not cause or permit any person to fly as a member of a crew if he knows or has reason to believe that, that person is suffering from fatigue to the extent that the safety of the aircraft would be endangered.

(3)     The holder of an air operator certificate issued under this Part shall not permit an aircraft to fly, nor shall a person act as a member of the crew of an aircraft if during the planned flight the flight and duty time limitations in the approved scheme established by the operator would be exceeded.

202.    Provision of rest periods:-

(1) The holder of an air operator certificate issued under this Part shall provide each member of a crew of an aircraft with a rest period following each duty period which shall be not less than twice the duration of the flight time in that duty period and not less than eight hours, and shall provide a rest period of not less than twenty-four hours in each period of seven consecutive days or shall provide rest periods as directed by the Director-General.

220.    Pilot responsible for operation and safety of an aircraft:-

(2)     The pilot-in-command of an aircraft shall not commence flight if any of his cock-pit flight crew member appears, or is unable to perform his duties because of any injury, sickness, fatigue, or under the effect of alcohol or drugs suffers from any such incapacitation during flight, he shall land at the nearest airport or aerodrome.

In the present Hajj period, we will go an extra mile because of religious obligations; however, there shall be no compromise on 12hrs notice on a request flight. The crew is further requested to take complete rest after every flight to avoid health hazards.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Chakar Ali Shah

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