Dear Members, 
اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم  

Taking cognizance of the situation, Prime Minister of Pakistan has approved suspension of all international flights to and from Pakistan.

PALPA has been striving to secure a safe and healthy environment to carry out our duty. PALPA has communicated its concern to higher PIA management and authorities that the current scenario poses a significant risk for domestic flight operations. We are confident that the Government will review the situation in this regard.

Our fearless members have been at forefront during this unprecedented situation and putting their lives in the harm’s way despite minimal protective measures by PIA Management. Our pilots have left no stone unturned to keep the flight operations enduring to the most vulnerable destinations.

Needless to mention the favours extended beyond the call of duty to operate flights at the shortest notice into odd hours. Our pilots have proudly pursued the legacy of bravery, professionalism,selflessness and patriotism during these testing times.

In the interest of safety, Crew is hereby advised to ensure the aircraft is disinfected and all protective gear is made available before allowing boarding on all domestic flights. Catering is responsible to provide staff protective gear, i.e. mask and gloves, whereas, cleaning staff shall ensure disinfection of the aircraft to the satisfaction of the cockpit and cabin crew of the aircraft. Moreover a disinfection Performa will be provided which needs to be filled by the cabin crew before each departure.

Crew are advised and encouraged to take all necessary precautions as your health and safety are paramount to ensure the same for passengers. Any delays and lapses in this regard shall be duly documented in the debrief.

It is pertinent to mention that PREVENTION is our priority, and in case of any medical emergency,the higher management has given assurance that the cockpit crew and their families will be provided full, hassle-free medical care in any hospital.

PALPA assures members it will fully back any measures they take to ensure the health and safety of crew and passengers.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Ch. Salman

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