Dear Members,

PALPA Executive Committee has been approached by numerous members regarding financial stress due to current inflationary trend in the country vis-a-vis financial resources. The effect of recent salary restoration has withered away with the imposition of high tax regime and inflation. Our B-777 crew has been further hit by the non-payment of International Layover Allowances, withheld for a long time now. The ever shrinking financial resources and perpetual increase in cost of living in the given circumstances have made it virtually impossible to make both ends meet.

It is pertinent to mention that PIA Pilots remain the lowest paid pilots not only in the region but also domestically. All other airlines in the country have in time realised and absorbed the impact and kept their pilots stress free.

Above mentioned in view, all members are advised to be extra cautious while flying, use all available tools to manage stress and maintain a safe cockpit. This can only be achieved by adhering to FDTL limits stipulated in OM and state regulations. All members are further advised not to multiply the stress level by undertaking any illegal duty which may be in contrast to the provisions of OM-A 23.5.1(d) and ANO-012-FSXX-6.0 D2.2.6.

Consequent to above, all members are advised to keep flight safety paramount and strictly adhere to the FDTL regulations at all times. No duty shall be accepted in violation to above mentioned clauses of the OM and ANO in any circumstances.

This is for strict compliance of all members.

With best regards,

 Capt. Ch. Salman Riaz

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