Dear Members:
السلام عليكم

By the grace of Almighty, the Executive Committee (EC) took oath on 4th June 2016. This communiqué should have been made a week earlier. The delay was intentional, as the EC was of the opinion, that the communiqué should be made, after the meeting with the Directorate of Flight Operations PIAC.

An Admin Order was issued, through which PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement 2011-2013 (WA) was amended, some of our members had expressed reservations on certain amended clauses.

The Director Flight Operations (DFO) was on a flight and his first availability was on 14th June 2016. The EC managed to convene a meeting with the DFO and his team and requested the management to re-negotiate the amended clauses.

DFO stated that the amendments to the WA through an Admin Order No.07/2016 dated 31st May 2016, were made after numerous and lengthy meetings and mutual agreement was reached through MOUs dated 18th March, 19th April & 13th May 2016. MOUs were signed by the previous EC. Approval of the enhanced salary package, by the PIACL Board of Directors (BOD) in its first meeting, was a tremendous effort and an enormous achievement by the Directorate of Flight Operations.

To re-negotiate or to amend any clause an approval of the BOD is required. The DFO suggested that the EC should prepare a brief of their requirements viz-à-viz further amendments in the PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement 2011-2013 and he will try his best to do whatever is possible in the best interest of the airline and PALPA.

I must apprise the membership that Executive Members, in any Executive Committee, keep changing after every election. The PALPA Executive Committee as a body, has certain obligations under the PALPA Constitution, and the incumbent Executive Committee is legally bound to uphold the PALPA Constitution.

In this context, the incumbent Executive Committee is duty bound, to honour the commitments/MOUs signed by the previous Executive Committee. Any violation of the Constitution of PALPA, by any member shall be dealt in accordance with the law. We will try our utmost to resolve the reservations and apprehensions of all our members may they be senior, junior, active, inactive or retired.

The PALPA Executive Committee has all the faith in the Director Flight Operations. We feel that Capt. Qasim Hayat, a senior PALPA Member being in the driving seat, will surely co-operate and assist us, in resolving our pending issues ASAP.

The following points were discussed at length and the Executive Committee is expecting a positive outcome.

1. No compromise on Seniority
2. Transfer and postings
3. Excess Duty
4. Denied Rest
5. Contracts
6. Exemption for PALPA Executives
7. Night Credit

Under the given circumstances, the Executive Committee requests the entire membership to remain steadfast and united as without the support of the entire membership, the Executive Committee will not be able to achieve our common goals.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Rizwan Ahmed