Dear Members,

PALPA Executive Committee is humbled and gratified by the trust and confidence reposed upon by the Pilot community. We are thankful and owe all our success to the die-hard support offered by each and every member of PALPA. It is a historic moment where the Executive Committee is continuing for the second term unopposed due to faith and support shown by our fellow pilots. This further brings the onus of responsibility on to the PALPA Executive Committee to deliver and guide the community during these difficult times. This displays the deep-rooted unity of members and their unequivocal trust on the Executive Committee.

The aim and top priority of the incumbent Executive Committee is to revive the National Flag Carrier to its original legacy and further improve Flight Safety Standards aligned with objectives of International Safety Standards. Also, to serve the nation and valued passengers of PIACL to the best of our abilities.

PALPA Executive Committee has a broader vision for the welfare of its members being the top most priority and continues to strive for safer skies and better working conditions for our members. As the new term begins, we once again reiterate and renew our sincere and wholehearted resolve to serve our community in a more positive manner. Thereby, directing all of our energies for the preservation of the legacy of this great institution.

The Executive Committee requests the entire membership to remain steadfast and united. We will not be able to focus and achieve our goals without the support of the entire membership. We look forward to your continued, unflinching and unequivocal support at all times.

With Best Regards,
Capt. Narejo

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