Dear Members, 

Taking cognizance of the prevailing non conducive working conditions for the cockpit crew and prevalent unsafe culture, crew is reminded once again, to strictly adhere to the state regulations and PCAA approved company policies/instructions. Furthermore, this has become more relevant in the aftermath of EASA Ban and ICAO down gradation of our status as an operator and state.

In a recent incident, one of our pilot has been served a show cause despite showing highest level of professionalism. The said pilot had accepted the flight at short notice and travelled as an augmented crew without standard resting area (fully reclined seat), as required vide regulations. It is pertinent to mention that despite going beyond the call of duty, in the end, he is being made a scapegoat for the incompetence and shortcomings of other departments.

This incident further strengthens the importance of crew rest, therefore, Crew must take into consideration the fatigue induced due to travelling on non-standard seats and accepting un-rostered flights at short notice.

In view of above, crew is requested to ensure compliance of all regulations before undertaking any duty.

Remember, it’s your life and lives of passengers that are at stake.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Narejo

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