Dear Members,

Please refer to PALPA FLASH dated 10.03.2023, it has been observed that the above FLASH is not being followed in its letter and spirit which is counterproductive to PALPA efforts towards fatigue risk management.

PALPA is pursuing a constant stance to bring it to the notice of the management that ignoring pilot shortage and the ensuing work load conditions will lead to stressful flying conditions which no Airline can afford, and the PALPA FLASH was also meant to highlight this fact to our membership.

You will appreciate that respecting OM-A and ANO’s is the primary responsibility of all pilots which can only be violated at the cost of bringing our flying licenses at risk.

PALPA has therefore created monitoring committees on each base to ensure strict adherence to flight duty time limit and crew rest violations to ensure flight safety at all costs.

The constitution of Flight Crew Monitoring Committees is as follows:

Capt. Narejo
Capt. Haseeb
Capt. Arshad Ahmed
Capt. M. Dilnawaz
FO Tariq M. Yahya

Capt. Hamyun Malik
Capt. Fayyaz
Capt. Ahmed Ala
Capt. Waqas Hussain
FO Mehdi Raza

Capt. Ch. Salman Riaz
Capt. Majid Akhter
FO Jehanzaeb Khanzada
FO Faisal Ranjha

Consequent to above, all members are advised to keep flight safety paramount and strictly adhere to the FDTL regulations at all times. No duty shall be accepted in violation to above mentioned clauses of the OM and ANO under any circumstances.

This is for strict compliance of all members.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Ch. Salman Riaz