Dear Members,

It is needless to elaborate the pivotal role of cockpit crew to ensure flight safety in the airline. However, this milestone can only be attained through complete compliance to the state and company regulations. In this regard, FDTL and FRMS are the proven tools to achieve fatigue free environment in the cockpit, hence making compliance to the latest PCAA ANO mandatory. Foregoing in view, membership is advised to take cognisance of following safety critical events where clarity of decision making becomes detrimental:
a. No flight duty can be undertaken without proper Flight Relief Seat as required vide ANO-012-FSXX-6.0, D1.15,
Flight Relief Seat: A comfortable, fully reclining seat, separated from the flight deck and screened from passengers equipped with a call device, supplemental oxygen, and having a degree of privacy. Where no such facility exists within an Operator’s fleet of aircraft, normal cabin seats CANNOT be used in lieu for employing multiple crew with extended flight time and flight duty proviso in this ANO.”

b. No verbal waiver is acceptable and no crew consent is ever required to forgo any legal binding. Therefore, any crew accepting a flight without written waiver of PCAA shall violate the PCAA regulations as defined here under in ANO-012-FSXX-6.0, D9.1,

“Exceptions allow flexibility needed to respond to unforeseen circumstances that occur during routine flight operations beyond the control of an operator. These exceptions are not intended for use in regular practice and must not be scheduled or planned by an Operator. Any waivers obtained from Flight Standards Directorate must be communicated in written format to the Operating Crew through appropriate means by the Operator.”

c. Crew must respect the limitation of accepting any flight on adhoc requirement as stated in ANO-012-FSXX-6.0, D2.2.7,

“Crew member Duty Rosters should cover a period of at least 15 days for scheduled operations (crew rosters must be published at least three days before the commencement of the duty roster). For any non rostered adhoc flight (e.g Charter Flight, Extra Section(s), Test Flight, Ferry Flight, Positioning Flight etc) at least a 10 hours’ notice must be afforded to the crew member(s).

PALPA Executive Committee reiterates not to extend any legal help to the violators of PCAA and company regulations. Any compromise on the safety by breaching the regulations or accepting any illegal duty, beyond the scope of regulations, shall void the rights to legal help and the individual shall himself be responsible for the consequences, thereof.

In view of above, it is once again requested that cockpit crew must maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the governing regulations and restrain from committing any illegalities. The onus of any such action shall be borne by the individual himself.

With Best Regards,

Executive Committee


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