Dear Members:
اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم   

PALPA Executive Committee fully understands the difficulties and hardships faced by our membership due to the baseless allegations and irresponsible statements by our Aviation Minister. The statements and subsequent lists have no authenticity and have not been verified by the competent authority. We further denounce the illegal act of PIACL Management to ground our pilots, based on these suspicious lists.

PALPA Executive Committee is availing all possible avenues to get our narrative across, and is seeking justice from the top court of law. We have finalized our legal arrangements and Executive Committee is working 24/7 to accomplish the required tasks. We have hired the best lawyers to plead our case. For this reason, monetary contribution from all members will be required.

We assure our membership full support legally, morally, and through all other possible means. We shall leave no stone unturned and no avenue untouched to seek justice and the reinstatement of the good name of those wrongly accused and humiliated.

Membership is requested to keep confidence in their Executive Committee and comply with all instructions it shares during these trying times. Membership is advised to contact Executive Committee directly for any queries, apprehensions or any assistance as Executive Committee is available 24/7. We will provide details about the legal proceedings and contribution very soon.

General Secretary

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