Dear Members, May 22, 2020.

I sincerely hope that all our members and their families are safe and healthy.

I would like to update members on developments pertaining to PIA Management’s illegal de-recognition of the PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement:

(1) PALPA has filed a legal suit in the Honorable Sindh High Court, and we are confident that justice will prevail.

(2) IFALPA and ITF have taken into notice the “de-recognition” of PALPA and have expressed their serious concern on the potentially detrimental emotional and psychological effect on Pilots, as well as the risk to aviation safety. They have expressed their concerns to the Honorable President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, along with the Federal Minister for Aviation, DGCAA, and the CEO of PIACL. They fully support our cause and have committed to assisting PALPA through International legal means (letters attached).

We are thankful to the membership for continuing flight operations with dedication and professionalism. We are also grateful for your continued trust and support.

Rest assured we will stand together in truth, and for justice.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Narejo
General Secretary

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