Dear Members,
السلام عليكم

PALPA Executive Committee has received multiple complaints from crew on all equipment regarding ex post-facto changes in their published rosters. These changes are made in the roster to then plan flights in abeyance to the FDTL ANO and company rules.

The very act of retroactive changes is a clear contradiction of FDTL regulations and cause undue fatigue and stress to our crew. The matter has duly been conveyed at the appropriate level for redressal. However, you are requested to keep a copy of the published roster from the day it is published. This may then be used for your record and as a proof in case any illegal changes are made by any Schedling staff.

The incumbent flight operations department has always been very facilitating, forthcoming, and helpful in tackling the issues, faced by our crew. You are therefore, requested not to hesitate to contact the Chief Pilot Planning and Scheduling or the Director Flight Operations, through proper channel, for redressal of any grievances.

Crew is further advised to strictly follow the FDTL regulations to avoid undue stress and keep the safety paramount at all times.

We wish you many happy landings.

With Best Regards,

Executive Committee

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