Dear Members:

It is to apprise the membership regarding the UCM meetings held on various occasions, which are re-produced below and for your kind perusal.


During the detailed discussion, following points were mutually agreed.

1. PIA Flight Operations Department will follow the PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement 2011-2013 in true letter and spirit.

2. It was clarified that there is no provision of the word (AVAILABLE) in PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement 2011-2013 and no AVAILABLE shall be planned in the monthly rosters.

3. Rosters shall be planned with standby AM/PM on all equipments/positions at all bases.

4. Crew shall be planned for 05 Mandatory Days Off and wherever possible, scheduling will ensure 10 Days Off. Any pilot member who wants to avail his 10 days off shall be entertained by the Flight Operations Management subject to flight schedule.

5. Flight Operations Department will issue circulars for Privilege Leave (P/L) choice after post hajj operations and crew will be entertained accordingly.

6. In case a Pilot is required for operating a flight for which he/she is not rostered, advance notice of at least twelve (12) hours shall be given except in an unforeseen situation but the consent/acknowledgement is to be obtained. A Pilot may refuse the assignment, if notice as stated above is not given. The pilot member will not be penalized under any circumstances.


A Pilot shall be entitled to ten (10) days casual leave with pay in each calendar year. Such leave will not be carried forward to the following year and will lapse if not availed during that year. Other conditions in respect of casual leave are as follows:-

Casual leave will normally not be granted for more than 3 days at a time, except in cases of emergencies.

In circumstances beyond control, pilot can claim his/her casual leave and submit the leave form on the next working day, however, any crew found habitual to the said provision (penalties applicable only after decision has been taken in the UCM) shall be held responsible.

8. Surface Travel not to be planned in roster It was mutually agreed to follow the PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement  2011-2013 clause 3.4. in true letter and spirit.


Surface transportation of Pilots shall be discouraged, however if required will be planned in consultation, and in Policy with the  Association. If surface transportation is required after operating flight or deadheading for training or operating flight, the surface  transportation time will be included in the total flight duty time. If  there is any delay (max: 30 minutes) in obtaining hotel rooms, this time  will also be included in total flight duty time subject to hotel certification. Normal flight duty time / rest shall be applicable.


Furthermore, it was agreed that no surface travel will be involved for European operations in future. However, in case of extreme urgency and  unforeseen circumstances, CPPS may request PALPA for the said issue. As  it was briefed by CPPS that Peshawar, Sialkot and Faisalabad stations require surface transportation on must basis as there are no connections between the cockpit crew bases for sometimes three (03) days.

Therefore, it was decided that only three (03) stations mentioned above, may be allowed for surface transportation. Road distance and timings will were discussed at length, which are as follows:-

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Note:- No duty shall be planned above 12 hrs in any circumstances. Insurance Policy regarding Surface Transport shall apply with a copy letter attached.

9. It was clarified by the CPPS that the existing Scheduling Policy, which is approved by the Board of Directors PIACL, is very much intact and must be followed in letter and spirit.

10. Positioning of Cockpit Crew from Karachi to Lahore and Islamabad.
After several meetings of PALPA team with CEO PIACL and his team regarding the positioning of cockpit crew.

Following terms and references were decided.

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• Positioning will be based on seniority basis on reverse order (06 active and 07 contracts on B777).

• Positioning will be for two (02) months only on rotation basis.

• Crew shall not be entitled for any domestic allowance and hotel in case of layover in Karachi.

• Complete review of slots and requirement will be carried out after every two months in the Utilization Committee Meeting (UCM) of PALPA and PIACL.


With Best Regards,

Capt. Ali Mansoob

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