Dear Members,

PALPA Executive Committee (EC) has taken a serious note of the rumours being spread within our community, specially among the honourable retired members, regarding pension issue. Just to remind all honourable members that a Special Meeting was called on 1st November 2022, where all the issues relating to Pension were discussed at length and briefed to the satisfaction of the members present.

The issue of pension was raised with the Aviation Minister, PIACL BOD and CEO vide PALPA letters, PALPA/G/01/151 dated 24th June 2022 (Copy attached), PALPA/G/01/161 dated 2nd September 2022 & PALPA/G/01/163 dated 12th September 2022.

On the directives of the honourable Aviation Minister, the Management has formulated a Pension Committee to resolve longstanding issues pertaining to Pension of PIACL employees.

PALPA EC is pursuing the pension case with complete focus and all possible avenues are being approached to resolve the longstanding issue. A report has already been submitted with the recommendations to the higher management by the Committee under the Chairmanship of DFO and Capt. Narejo, General Secretary PALPA as pilot’s representative.

In the light of above, it is requested that no attention must be paid to hearsay and misinformation circulating among the members. PALPA EC shall communicate once a progress has been made in respect of Pension issue. Any pre-emptive efforts by any member may compromise all the progress made to date in this regard. It is once again reiterated that only Capt. Narejo General, Secretary PALPA is the sole authority to address the pension issue and he may be contacted for any queries on the subject matter.

PALPA EC would like to wholeheartedly appreciate the selfless efforts of Capt. Imran Narejo, General Secretary PALPA for his vigorous determination to resolve the longstanding and neglected issue of Pilots’ Pension. PALPA EC also conveys gratitude to DFO for his efforts and kind pursuance of the issue.

Lastly, PALPA EC would like to re-emphasise that the resolution of all issues of our honourable retired members as well as active members remain the paramount to us and all possible efforts shall be made to ensure fair resolution.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Ch. Salman Riaz

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