Dear Members: –
السلام عليكم

The Executive Committee would like to update the membership on the demands submitted to the Aviation Division in its meetings held in Islamabad.

The demands presented to the Aviation Division are:-

  • Implementation of the existing Working Agreement 2011-2013 in letter and spirit.
  • Time frame for the signing and implementation of the new Working Agreement.
  • Strict compliance of seniority list and placement of direct entry pilots as per rules.
  • No hiring of pilots on contract.
  • The appointment and difficulty in liaison/communication with retired DFO.
  • Withdrawal of all illegal inquiries, investigations and Show cause Notices against pilot members.
  • Removal of clauses from Aviation Policy which are damaging the Aviation Industry of Pakistan.
  • Committee to be formed to investigate losses in the airline.
  • FED on rebated tickets either removed or paid by the airline.
  • Granting of leave without pay to pilots proceeding on self secondment.
  • We would like to assure each and every member that only collective aims are being pursued which are for the betterment of our every member.

The President and the Executive Committee is humbled by the unprecedented support by the membership and is thankful to the ALMIGHTY for blessing the pilots with UNITY & the STRENGTH to withstand the forces aligned to damage us.

May ALLAH gives us the strength to achieve our goals, AMEEN!

With Best Regards,

Capt. Rifaat A. Hussain