The promulgation of Presidential Ordinance No. XVII of 2015 dated 4th December 2015, to provide for setting up of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation into a Public Company has put us in an uncertain situation as it has raised concerns amongst employees.

Previously the Corporation’s Board did not have final authority and the Government could override its decisions. The Board’s decisions were also challengeable in a Court of Law. In the new Company, the decision of the Board will be non-challengeable in Court of Law and is not subject to review by Government of Pakistan.

Independent Board’s decisions could jeopardize our:-

(i) Terms and conditions of employment.

(ii) Flight Duty Time Limitations (FDTLs)

(iii) Pay, Allowances, Perquisites and Benefits.

(iv) Induction and promotion rules of pilots. Foreign postings, route assignment etc.

(v) Leave entitlement, passage and Medical facilities.

(vi) Retirement, rehabilitation, compensation and insurance rules.

(vii) The burning issue of pension fund’s continuation and restitution of the present pension fund to its rightful owners (THE RETIRED PILOTS) is sure to be denied under one pretext or the other.

(viii) All rules governing discipline and investigation.

(ix) The right to form Association in order to protect the rights of pilots is not guaranteed.

Hence Working Agreement could be replaced by Admin Orders/Board decisions.

(x) Possible conversion from permanent to contractual job would make working conditions of pilots insecure.

We feel that offloading of 26% share is the beginning of privatization process. In order to fulfil the requirements of privatization, a bill  should have been presented in the National Assembly/Senate and approval should have been obtained from Counsel of Common Interest. In order to avoid the constitutional process, the Government issued this Ordinance in haste, whereas, the National Assembly Session was due to be held within 48
hours. This has raised many eyebrows in legal and media circles.

PALPA Executive Committee in its meeting decided to support JACPIAE on single point agenda for withdrawal of Presidential Ordinance and have been protesting on the issue. We also intend to challenge the Ordinance in the Honourable Court of Law.

In order to discuss the modalities for further actions, a Special General Body Meeting is called on Wednesday the 23rd December 2015 at 1800hrs at PALPA House. Maximum attendance is requested as privatization can have long term undesirable effects on future of PIAC employees, specially for pilots and their families.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Sohail Ahmed