السلام عليكم

The President and the Executive Committee thank the members for their over whelming attendance at the AGM and for the whole hearted and unconditional support extended towards the Executive Committee.

In an unprecedented show of strength and unity, the members, as always, raised to the occasion and have made it very clear that any further unilateral decisions by the management will not be tolerated.

Keeping the sentiments of members in view and to ensure Flight Safety it has been decided to enforce the following clauses of the Working Agreement 2011-2013.

Pilots will not be scheduled in excess of the following flight times:-
DURATION                                         JET AIRCRAFT /TURBO PROP.
(i) Weekly (Last 07 days)                 30    hours
(ii) Monthly (Last 30 days)              83    hours
(iii) Yearly (Last 365 days)            900   hours
Note:- It is emphasized that weekly, monthly and yearly are not calendar specific, but are in the preceding days.

3.15.1 (g) In case a Pilot is required for operating a flight for which he / she is not rostered, advance notice of at least twelve (12) hours will be given and consent/acknowledgement obtained. A Pilot may refuse the assignment if notice as stated above is not given.

In the end, it is again emphasized that our strength lies in our unity, and support for each other, which has historically proven to be the deciding factor in achieving our goals.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Amir Hashmi