Dear Members,
السلام علیکم

PIACL is passing through its worst ever crises in history. PALPA as an integral part of this institution continues to play its vital role in keeping the interest of both the National Flag Carrier and its membership.

It is an undeniable fact that right from the outset, the incumbent Executive Committee of PALPA has been extending cooperation in the best interest of the airline and also by hoping a fair bit of reciprocity from the Flight Operations management. However, we have experienced total indifference and irresponsive attitude by the Flight Operations management.

Such transgressive behaviour towards Association and therefore its membership, leaves us with no alternative but to apprise our membership through the correspondence, which were sent to the management on various occasions.

PALPA recently communicated its grievances and concerns to Mr. Saqib Aziz, Federal Secretary Aviation/Chairman/CEO & President PIACL, in an official meeting dated 25th September 2018 that took place in the Aviation Division Islamabad. Mr. Saqib Aziz has further asked us to submit a detail report through a presentation on all issues faced by our airline in particular and the membership in general including revival strategies.

In order to keep the membership apprised, please see PALPA’s letter PALPA/G/122/139 dated 9th October 2018 to the management regarding the prevailing situation, which is self explanatory.

We assure the membership that we shall leave no stone unturned to keep the interest of our membership as our first and only priority.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Ali Mansoob

See document in pdf format:
PALPA’s letter PALPA/G/122/139 dated 9th October 2018