السلام عليكم

Once again we have arrived at a juncture where it becomes necessary to stand up for our rights. A time, when even your most valuable rights are under threat, these threats if gone unchecked will result in our justified rights being mutilated.

Historically, the Association had to make efforts for the implementation of the various clauses of the PALPA-PIAC Working Agreement but since the current Director Flight Operations has taken over a new trend is in being set in, the management has started to INTERPRET the clauses of the Working Agreement to their liking or disliking, as the case may be. This is a very alarming situation and calls for immediate action, as this clearly shows the mindset of the director flight operations against the community, which has been his trademark over the years.

The issue of contract to pilots has always been promoted by the current Director Flight Operations and his associates. He was a part of the team when direct induction of B-747 First Officers and the ‘pick & choose’ for issuance of contracts at the age of 60 was done. Yet again, just when he and his associates are at the twilight of their careers, the stage is being set for another round of issuing contracts to the near and dear ones. History is a witness that to have their way, all means (by hook or by crook) will be employed disregarding the sentiments or the benefit of the community.

The forced postings of pilots to Lahore and Islamabad and the demand to forego our entitlement of Business class when traveling supy are forecasted to be the next moves of the management. We have categorically told the management that before unsettling our members, it needs to get its own house in order and work out the requirement at Lahore and Islamabad. The issue of supy travel is non-negotiable as its part of our entitlement which we have earned through the years.

The management is also planning to aim our Excess Duty Flight Expenses and Denied Rest and has started the ground work on the lines. The recent shifting of Flight Operations Statistics section under the direct control of the Chief Financial Officer is the first step in that direction.

The steady downgrading of Hotels and the crew entitlements over the entire network has come to a point where any further compromise is not acceptable at all. The management has on one pretext or the other has tried to justify this step but the Executive Committee has flatly refused their logic and sees it as yet another step against the pilots.

There are many other issues which shall be highlighted in our forthcoming INFOs.

Respected members, as the modus operandi of the management is evident, it is time to join hands and stand up for our rights. The Executive Committee has been under tremendous pressure from all of you to do whatever is required to protect our rights. The message from the President and the Executive Committee is “IT IS TIME TO STAND UP AND PROTECT OUR RIGHTS”.

We, assure you, that with your support nothing can stand between us and our goals. Therefore it is time to show our unity, solidarity and strength, because if we don’t fight for our rights, no one else will.

God Bless you all!

Capt. Sohail Ahmed