السلام عليكم

As the festivities of Eid draw to a close, the Executive Committee would like to highlight a very important issue, which is of growing concern to the members.

The burning issue of ‘Contract’ being offered to the pilots by the 25th of July is the news in vogue these days. Different versions are being aired, quoting various sources, from the increase in the salary package to that of a Middle eastern carrier, to continue flying till the age of 65years are the only points being highlighted, which is now infamously being called the “Eitthad Package”.

The authors of the contract, apparently, have only laid emphasis on two points, Salary & 65 years, where as the PALPA-PIA Working Agreement consists of 13 Articles, which are reproduced here under:

Article-I General & Definitions
Article-II Pay, Allowances, Perquisites & Benefits.
Article-III Planning & Scheduling Policy.
Article-IV Training
Article-V Promotion, Transfer, Foreign Posting & Route Assignment
Article-VI Leave Entitlement
Article-VII Passage
Article-VIII Medical
Article-IX Rehabilitation & Retirement Benefits
Article-X Compensation & Insurance
Article-XI Rules of the PIAC Pilots Pension Funds
Article-XII Discipline & Investigation
Article-XIII Miscellaneous.

As most of us are aware that since the last 50 years our seniors, elders & the torch bearers of yesteryears had not only evolved the working agreement every two years but they had also safeguarded each and every article, as they knew that the Working Agreement is the only shield between the claws of the management and the interests of the pilots. The sense of job security, protection against the highhandedness & victimization by the management are a few of the salient features built into the working agreement.

Unfortunately, a time has come where a few of our very own pilots are propagating the said “CONTRACT”, which is their brain child meant to undermine the Association. An artificial shortage is being created by not promoting pilots especially on B-777, to make grounds for the issuance of contracts, if implemented all promotions will be halted for the next few years. God willing, we will unmask these black sheep within our ranks.

The Executive Committee would also like to clarify a misconception that it is willing to negotiate a contract on behalf of the members. The Executive Committee honors and is bound by the decision of the AGM of not allowing contract to pilots. We are willing and ready to negotiate any document with the management, as the Association is the Bargaining Representative of the pilots, which is beneficial for the pilots and is under the guidelines of the AGM.

In the end, the Executive Committee and I would like to reiterate that Unity amongst our ranks is the need of the hour and any personal differences must be set aside to fly through this turbulent time. History is a testament that our unity is the only hurdle between the management and its ulterior goals and only the umbrella of PALPA will protect us from their vicious plans.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Amir Hashmi