السلام عليكم

The Last sunset of 2014 bade farewell to a year which not only had one of the darkest days in the history of our country, 16th December 2014, where humanity lost in the tragic event of Peshawar, but also a few of our loved ones departed on their final journey and their absence will be felt for all times to come. With the dawn of 2015 we have to resolve to rise against the winds of adversaries and come out stronger than before, because the path ahead is more demanding than the one already travelled.

Since our last communiqué, the Executive Committee has been busy to sort out various unresolved issues.

• The legal suit filed with the honourable High court of Sindh is proceeding on the fast track, due to the winter vacations of the honourable courts, it’s hearing is scheduled on the 14th January 2015. This very important unresolved issue since 2003 is being pursued by the Executive Committee and we do expect the case to be finalised in a couple of months time INSHAHALLAH.

• During the last few months a lot of transition trainings have been held. We have been informed by the higher management about the expected induction of 05 ATRs & 10 A320s into the airlines fleet by April 2015, the numbers of transition trainings are expected to reach an unprecedented level. This induction of narrow & wide body airplanes will not only be beneficial for the airline but will also be beneficial for the pilot fraternity. The Association has assured the management that its members will go the extra mile to achieve this extra ordinary task of inducting 15 airplanes in such a short span of time.

• The issues relating to PCAA are still not resolved to our satisfaction. The syllabus for ATPL examinations, the issue of TRI, SFI, TRE & SFE and the biased attitude of CAMB are the outstanding issues, despite the assurances to the Executive Committee from the highest authority that they will be resolved as per our recommendations. It’s pertinent to mention that all recommendations made by the Association are in conformity with industry practices.

• The pace of issues being resolved is very slow and the Executive Committee is fully cognisant of this fact. The main reason being the non implementation of mutually agreed and signed agreements by the management despite our repeated reminders. Time and again the Executive Committee has given latitude to the management at the cost of facing the brunt of the membership, but our unconditional support is being construed as a sign of weakness by the higher management.

• The non-payment of foreign allowance since June 2014, NS-1 non- confirmation, payment of 70 hours guaranteed flying allowance while on Privilege Leave & calculation of block time payment are a few agreements which have been agreed upon and are still not being implemented on one pretext or another. Despite all broken promises the membership has been extending its extra support in the smooth running of the Flight Operations. The salary for the month of December 2014 is being paid in 2 equal instalments, due to the fact that PIA has to make payments for the acquisition of 05 ATRs & 10 A320s by 15th January 2015. The Executive Committee has taken a very strong view of this gross mismanagement and has categorically informed the higher management that this is just a one time arrangement and it will not be accepted in future.

• The salary slips of December and January will show an amount deducted as ‘PALPA DONATION’, this amount is 4% of one month’s gross salary and is being deducted as per PALPA Constitution clause 4.2.4, for Late Capt. Anjum Karim.

• The Executive Committee is also keeping a close watch on the hotel agreements which are nearing expiry and has submitted a checklist to the management covering the specific requirements for Cockpit Crew.

• Our members have been facing a lot of problems during the visit to the hospitals on the panel of PIA. Again it is due to the financial mismanagement and non payments of past dues by the airline to these hospitals. This issue has been taken up at the highest level and some improvement has been observed on this end.

The Executive Committee would like to assure the entire membership that it will remain steadfast to protect the rights of each and every member and will not let any member be a victim of high handedness.
In the end, on the behalf of the President and the entire Executive Committee, I pray that the Almighty keeps all of you and your loved ones in HIS protection and blesses you and your loved ones with health and happiness and the dawn of new year brings prosperity for our airline. Ameen!

God Bless you all,

With Best regards,

Capt. Sohail Ahmed