السلام عليكم

In order to handover the affairs of the Association to a newly elected Executive Committee and in order to conduct biannual elections for which the balloting process was to commence from January 18, 2016, all the matters concerning the upcoming election remained uncontroversial and were handled with total transparency till the refusal of the Election Committee to entertain the Nomination Form of a senior member.

The Election Committee with which we repose the highest standards of confidence and to which we attach great credibility, was suddenly being objected upon by certain members through complaints filed with the Association on January 05, 2016. Incidentally, the complaints were filed on the eve of presentation of Suit No. 29/2016 before the Sindh High Court. Upon being summoned, the Association has appeared and has presented its contention(s) to the Court. It has been ordered on January 07, 2016 that the processes of the upcoming elections shall be withheld till decision of the “Injunction Application”. The hearing has now been scheduled for January 18, 2016.

We are, therefore, compelled to inform you that the election process due to commence on January 18, 2016 are being postponed in compliance of the orders of the Honourable Court. However, the Association undertakes to expedite the disposal of the cause pending before the Sindh High Court in order to ensure that the Association can proceed with addressing its principle objectives, the welfare of the pilot fraternity.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Sohail Ahmed