السلام عليكم

There are some reports causing apprehension amongst the community that management is considering to keep pilots on contract. It is informed that in accordance with the provisions of the Articles & Memorandum of Association, and the mutually agreed Working Agreement, PALPA is the bargaining representative for pilots and is also to work as an employment agency for pilots. Therefore, management is legally bound to consult PALPA prior to implementing any change in the status, emoluments, and working conditions of PALPA members.

The Executive Committee will soon discuss the matter with Chairman and Managing Director. In the meantime, members are requested not get allured by any kind of such offers and consult PALPA, because the Working Agreement 2013-2015 has already been submitted and the negotiations are to commence shortly. Moreover, PALPA will thoroughly evaluate the proposed document to ensure that it does not in any way deteriorate the security of job, working conditions, Duty Time Limitations, travel facilities, career progression etc. before informing the entire membership about the pros and cons of the arrangement which is till date only unilaterally being thought about by the management as per rumours. Remember that the emoluments are covered only in one chapter of the Working Agreement, and the other chapters ensure better WORKING CONDITIONS. Emoluments alone are not the basic criteria of an agreement. While negotiating the Working Agreement PALPA will ensure that if the management intends to offer the terms and conditions of any regional airline then the terms and conditions offered to local nationality holder pilots are offered and not those which are applicable to expatriates in the same airline.

We will provide you exact status of the rumoured Contract after discussion with the management, and may call a Special General Body Meeting to discuss the matter with the membership. At this stage, we only urge you to remain UNITED, and extend full support to PALPA, so that we may be able to conclude an acceptable Working Agreement which will ensure a decent salary package along with dignified working conditions and facilities.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Sohail Ahmed