السلام عليكم

It has come to our knowledge that few members, including ex-President PALPA, are approaching the members with their ulterior designs vis-à-vis maligning the name of the Association in the eyes of all stake holders as well as the general public. It may also be significant to bring to your notice that Capt. Suhail Baluch ex-President and Capt. T. M. Rabbani have already submitted a No Confidence Motion against the incumbent Executive Committee.

We would like to take this opportunity to apprise you that in terms of the Constitution of Association the members who bring the No Confidence Motion against the Executive Committee are required to prove their accusations/allegations before the meeting of the Executive Committee. If they are unable to prove the accusations/allegations the constitution provides them with two options. The first of which is to apologize in writing, which shall be published in the Cockpit and the second is to request for permission in writing from the Executive Committee to seek support of the members for their No Confidence Motion.

It is also important to point out at this stage that such permission has also certain qualifications to fulfill in order for it to be legitimate. The permission is required to be granted within one week of application (seeking permission) and the Executive Committee shall give a specific notice to the applicant that he/she was to obtain support of 1/3rd (one third) of total members within two weeks from date of permission.

The afore stipulations of the PALPA constitution was necessary to bring to your notice because the above mentioned two persons including Capt. Suhail Baluch, ex-President PALPA, along with few of their supporters are going door to door and trying to get signatures of the honourable members of PALPA in support of their No Confidence Motion in gross violation and in breach of the afore referred provisions of the PALPA constitution.

We request the honourable members of PALPA that they should discourage such moves that are meant to defame and malign the image of the Association. This is not the case of putting the members of the Executive Committee under trial; instead it is the integrity, sanctity and the worthiness of the very Association that is being challenged through malicious moves. You, as a honourable member of PALPA must know that such an unprecedented move can not only destroy the entire image of the Association but also open the gates for all such persons who may have any personal scores to settle against any incumbent Executive Committee member in future.

Encouraging such a move would amount to setting a very bad precedent for the future.

We hope that the members would strongly discourage such moves that are meant to defeat the objectives as well as the very existence of the Association.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Sohail Ahmed,

Enclosed:- Relevant Chapter-V of PALPA Constitution.