All PALPA Members,

PALPA President and Executive Committee being cognizant of the deteriorating financial condition of the airline had prepared FLY SMART program and a detailed presentation was given to the PIA top management and Ministry of Aviation. The FLY SMART program was highly appreciated by the Chairman PIAC.

I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all those who contributed in preparing the “FLY SMART” program. I must mention here the names of Capt. Rizwan Ahmed, F/O Chakar Ali Shah, Capt. Khalid Khan, Mr. Shaikh Jawaid Mir, Legal Advisor PALPA & Mr. Shahnawaz Salahuddin whose work has been commendable.

The Chairman PIAC in view of the concern shown by PALPA and the multifaceted challenges being confronted by PIA as well as with an intent of finding solutions to enable PIA to enhance its revenues, cut costs and improve organizational efficiencies has been pleased to form a Way Forward Committee.

The PIAC management has entrusted this uphill task to Capt. Suhail Baluch, President PALPA and since the rejuvenation of PIA is directly linked to the survival of all its employees therefore, such task has been accepted by him.

Capt. Suhail Baluch has been made Team Leader of WAY FORWARD COMMITTEE and has been given a mandate to Co-opt members.

We request the membership to extend all possible help to the WAY FORWARD COMMITTEE. The members who wish to contribute towards the Committee may submit their names to Mr. Noman Ahmed, Office Secretary PALPA so that the same can be recommended for being co-opted in the WAY FORWARD COMMITTEE.

Yours sincerely,

Capt. Zarak Khan