Dear Members:-
السلام عليكم

By the grace of almighty ALLAH, PALPA has once again come out as winner on our recently concluded negotiations for the payment of our already overdue foreign allowances since March 2014.

The achievement would not have been possible without your faith in the Executive Committee. Once again, pilots have shown that we stand united against all adversaries, whenever called upon to do so by any Executive Committee. We also have faith that the reason of our success every time has been that our demands are just and based on realities.

The achievement is a testament to our collective strength and puts to rest any impression about the CONFIDENCE reposed in us by the majority, it also reflects that we are a community that CANNOT BE DIVIDED.

The Executive Committee would like to thank each and every member who stood shoulder to shoulder with their fellow pilots and shall deal with those pilots who did not, as per your valuable suggestions. We also assure the membership that the Executive Committee is standing beside each one of our member and shall continue to do so.


With Best Regards,

Capt. Amir Hashmi