All PALPA Members,

To facilitate the members and their families to get their errands done at the Flight Operations – Karachi, the Executive Committee has decided to provide a PALPA Welfare Desk facility.

The following facilities shall be available for members and their families at this desk.

1. Final clearance of members on superannuation.
2. Application for Provident Fund Loan/collection of cheques.
3. Uniform issuance form and collection of uniform related objects.
4. Application forms for tickets, purchase of tickets and dispatch of the same through PIA dispatch.
5. Collection of amendments for the official publications and/or amended copies and their despatch.
6. Any such like job.

Mr. Younus has been appointed to facilitate crew and their families through this desk. He shall be available in the Flight Operations during working hours from Monday to Friday and he may be contacted on 0335-1853052 & 021-99045312, Room No. 13, 2nd Floor, Flight Operations Department, Karachi.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Haqqi