السلام عليكم

Reference is drawn to Society of Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan (SAEP) circular REF/NEWS LETTER/11/14 dated, July 10, 2014. (Copy Attached).

The contents of the above letter are extremely derogatory and have caused keen resentment amongst the pilots’ community. It indicates that SAEP in this case without waiting for already laid down procedures of inquiry in such matters has taken it unto itself to assign blame. The matter should have been investigated by management to appropriate cause and responsibility.

The circular is provoking membership of SAEP in such cases to act illegally firstly by canceling aircraft release certificates of serviceable aircraft and secondly by advising Engineers to ask cockpit crew to leave the aircraft without comprehending the authority of Pilot in Command as mandated in Gazette of Pakistan and Pakistan CAA regulations.

The contents of the letter appear political; to garner popularity as otherwise such illegal instructions would never be issued. It is tantamount to inciting discord between different cadres of Airline Employees based on an isolated incident, responsibility for which has yet to be affixed. This, at a time when Airline is about to go through structural changes of fundamental nature, bodes ill for unified stand in face of possible employee retrenchment and other issues relating to Airline Privatization.

This matter is being highlighted to PIA higher management, which has ordered an inquiry, and additionally the above illegal contents will also be highlighted to Pakistan CAA and Ministry of Aviation for appropriate action at their end.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Sadiq Rehman