السلام عليكم

The Executive Committee has so far extended its fullest cooperation to the management by facilitating them on various issues. We have had a host of meetings with top as well as the Flight Operations management on the following issues which still remain unresolved:-

  1. Imposition of Central Excise tax on rebated tickets
  2. Pending outstation allowance.
  3. Late/Partial disbursement of salary.
  4. Glitches in NS-1 travel confirmation.
  5. Block Time payment.
  6. Handling of crew baggage.
  7. Delayed and Irregular “days off” payment
  8. Non-payment of loss of license insurance to permanently grounded pilots.
  9. Grounding/suspending pilots without awaiting outcome of investigations.
  10. Posting of Karachi base pilots to Islamabad & Lahore bases.

Issues highlighted/discussed with the top management regarding matters related to PCAA are as follows.

  1. ATPL examination conversion to FAA
  2. PCAA medical issues
  3. Waiver on existing TRI/SFI system for a period of one year.
  4. Delay in providing documentation to the permanently grounded pilots.
  5. Cockpit Crew pick/drop area designation at Islamabad causing inconvenience to the crew.

Besides these issues which are still hanging in the balance, the flight operation directorate has also failed to protect members from unjust demands of the higher management which is tantamount to prejudicial victimization. In a recent incident one of our ATR captain and a First Officer were penalized outside the purview of the working agreement which clearly outlines the course of action to be followed in such circumstances.

A few other instances can be quoted where the crew has been grounded for unfounded reasons scoping beyond agreed procedures.

In short, the management has created a climate which is hostile towards the community at large.

In order to discuss the above mentioned issues, meetings have been arranged with the Chairman PIAC and Advisor to the Prime Minister on Aviation beginning of next week.

The Executive Committee will keep you posted on the decisions taken in these meetings.

A joint meeting off all the representative Associations/Unions of PIAC was convened today to deliberate unjust imposition of tax on free/rebated tickets and It has been decided that all members/ employees while on duty will wear black armbands to register their protest followed by a Joint Press Conference which will be held at 1600 hrs on Friday the 6th February 2015 at Karachi Press Club to highlight the issue in the media and public.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Sohail Ahmed