Dear Member,
السلام علیکم

PALPA as a Professional Association has always strived to be on the front-line along with the PIACL Management for the progress, expansion of fleet, safe and smooth flight operations of our National Flag Carrier. The most important agenda item of the incumbent PALPA Executive Committee is Career Progression of Pilots.

After the release of Admin Order No. 07/2016 dated 31st May 2016, on 1st June 2016, few of the points were challenged through a letter (PALPA/G/122/605 dated 1st June 2018).

Clauses pertaining to contracts in Admin Order No. 07/2016 dated 31st May 2016 are reproduced as:


m. All vacancies will be filled by permanent Pilots. All pilots will be offered contract who have superannuated from PIA in the light of
directives of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, provided they have valid type ratings.

n. Only type rated Pilots will be offered contracts on B-777 and the normal promotion of permanent pilots shall not be compromised.

o. If A-330 aircraft is inducted in the airline, first preference will be given to serving PIA Pilots and if still more vacancies are available only those Ex-PIA Pilots will be offered contract who have superannuated from PIA and have current A-330 valid type rating.


These clauses were rebutted by PALPA in its letter as “(m) (n) & (o) shall only be considered after the PALPA AGM planned for the 4th of June 2016”. The condition to award contracts was envisaged on the basis of expansion of fleet and network, which unfortunately never materialized. On the other hand, PIACL management deducted our salaries and altered the MoU by releasing new Admin Order 13/2017 dated 28th July 2017 unilaterally thus violating the bilateral agreement.

In the AGM held on 4th June, 2016, a resolution on the subject of contracts was passed by majority of votes. It is reproduced below for reference:

“Authority should be given to the Executive Committee for negotiation on contracts to pilots going on superannuation. The terms and conditions of the contract shall be presented in the Special General Body Meeting with status of AGM (in continuation of this AGM)”

Although the resolution is very clear that some TOR’s were supposed to be formulated jointly between PALPA and the Management to offer a modality, by which a balance between promotion of regular pilots and giving away contracts could have been exercised. Regrettably, no progress was made and Management kept on issuing contracts unilaterally.

On October 23rd 2016, a Special General Body Meeting, however was called on a single point agenda to address the resolution presented on 4th June 2016 on contracts, the SGM concluded, emphasizing upon the following

1. Empower the Executive Committee as per the Constitution of PALPA.

2. To work actively considering that the promotion of regular pilots will not be affected if the contract is given to the superannuated pilots.

3. Work for the enhancement of Superannuation age to 65.

4. No office and instructional assignment after superannuation shall be ensured.

The incumbent PALPA Executive Committee after taking oath had a meeting with Chief of Flight Operations/DFO dated 1st March 2018, in which it was mutually agreed that PALPA Training Committee along with Chief Pilot Training will negotiate and submit two years career progression plan to the Chief of Flight Operations/DFO at the earliest.

Furthermore, PALPA demanded the forecast as per Training Policy (OM Part-D) clause 12.1 (a) At least, one month ahead of the Promotion Board meeting, Planning & Scheduling Division will provide equipment-wise and station-wise forecast of vacancies for (6) six months. Unfortunately, Flight Operations management is still non-compliant on the issue.

Today we are at a juncture where we are facing an acute slowdown in career progression. The main reasons that have adversely affected promotions are:

1. There was no check and balance introduced to monitor the issuance of contracts, as no Terms of Reference (TORs) were signed.

2. Contracts were solely based upon fleet expansion, which never took place.

It is highlighted that one of the important clauses of Admin Order No.07/2016 which states “promotion of regular pilots shall not get affected” has not been strictly enforced by the Management.

Due to the unilateral release of Admin Order No. 13/2017 dated 28th July, 2017, (which has already been challenged by PALPA), the applicability of Admin Order No. 07/2016 is questionable, consequently the awarding of contracts becomes questionable as well. Especially since Admin Order No. 13/2017 offers no provision of contracts. As per clause 4 of Admin Order No. 13/2017 dated July 28, 2017 “Admin Order No. 07/2016 dated 31st May, 2016 stands cancelled. All other relevant Orders/Circulars, provisions in PPM stand amended to this extent only”.

In the light of the above-mentioned facts, PALPA is of the view that contracts are being granted by the management without any legal coverage and by compromising upon legitimate expectancy right to promotion of active pilots.

In all spirits, to address this dispute, till the time the target of achieving superannuation at 65 years, all contracts shall be discontinued
with immediate effect.

If this decision is in conflict with the hopes and aspirations of some of our members, the Executive Committee offers a ray of hope for future, in that we pledge to continue our efforts towards our target of enhancing the age of superannuation till the validity of the license. Secondly, looking at the sincere intentions of the Government, we are hopeful of fleet enhancement in future, whereby the shortage of pilots will be catered for by induction of new pilots on permanent basis and if shortage still persists, contract may be negotiated.

In this regard, the incumbent Executive Committee is united and determined to achieve this goal. Your support is vital at this critical juncture, a unified stance by the entire membership; will help to achieve the best possible outcome.

With Best Regards,

Capt. Ali Mansoob

INFO 12.09.2018